Bring STAR Voting to Lane County Elections

A voting method is how we express our choices on the ballot and how the choices of all the voters are summed together to determine who wins. Our current "choose only one" voting method so severely limits our ability to express our opinion about the outcome that we have to hold two elections for county offices, the primary in May and the General Election in November, to figure out who should get the job. STAR Voting is a new voting method that gives voters an equal, and much more expressive, voice in the outcome of political elections.

Some reasons to use STAR Voting instead of our current method:

STAR is fair to all candidates and voters

STAR lets voters express their views more fully

STAR eliminates the bother and cost of two elections

This November, Lane County voters will be able to vote on whether to use STAR Voting for Lane County elected offices. The initiative will replace our antiquated top-two two election system for county offices with the best-in-class STAR Voting system - an incredibly accurate single election system that gives every voter an equal voice about all the candidates running for office. Join us!

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For more information on STAR Voting go to Equal.Vote
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    STAR Voting on Nov ballot!

    Wow, it's been a long time since we updated this website -- too busy gathering signatures to get STAR Voting on the November ballot. But we've succeeded!

    Lane County voters will have the opportunity this fall to institute an exciting new reform, replacing the "top-two jungle primary" system we currently use for elected county offices with STAR Voting! The response to our initiative petitioning was overwhelmingly positive, showing the hunger voters (and non-voters!) have for a better way to vote and elect people to public office.

    Now we have to get it passed, which means we have to reach a lot more people before voting begins in October so they will understand STAR Voting and why it is so important to pass it. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! Practice explaining STAR Voting, and then talk about it to your friends and family members who live in Lane County. (This includes the cities of Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove, Florence, Junction City, MacKenzie River, and Creswell, along with several smaller towns.)

    If you know any prominent people in Lane County, ask them to endorse STAR Voting. If you belong to a civic group, ask them to endorse. Email us ( if you'd like one of us to speak to your group. Write to your local newspaper about why you like STAR Voting. If you are on FaceBook, follow our FB page and share it with your FB friends.

    Let's get the word out to as many Lane County voters as possible and make this happen!

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